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Dairy Farm Management
We are also engaged in providing the turn key solution for new as well as old dairy farms which involves the complete advisory service right from setting up of new farm shed, purchase of animals, the management of recurring cost, nutritional management at an affordable cost & running up of farm as profit center.

Apart from this, we have also focused on other burning issue of dairy farm & are “production of one calf per animal per year”; in other word “infertility problem”
Most of the dairy farms are failing in producing a calf every year which disturbs the economics of dairy farm. Our expertise in management of nutrition & regulation of estrous makes the farm viable. Till date, we have corrected the problems of many dairy farms.
After regulation of estrous of an animal, we provide an expert advice on artificial insemination of animal in order to produce the quality calf from animal.


We encourage new entrepreneurs to start their own firm in dairy sector. We provide facility of third party manufacturing to any company who is involved in Animal Feed Supplements, along with technical support. We can provide the customized products as per demand of company.

Milking Machine :

The top quality milking machine can be provided from our end. We also supply spare parts of milking machine.
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  2. Double Bucket