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  • KhaneejMICS :
The complete “Elemental Form of mineral mixture” which is useful for cattle on daily basis. The minerals & vitamins get depleted out of milk on daily basis & we need to refill the required need of minerals & vitamins. “KhaneejMICS” fulfills the need of required minerals & Vitamins.
Dose :50 gm per 10 liter of milk per cattle per day & 5 gm extra per liter thereafter.25 gm per day per calf.
Presentation : 1 kg, 5 kg & 10 kg
  • PregnoMIN :
The special mineral mixture for pregnant animals. 60 days before parturition & 30 days after parturition.
 Dose :50 gm per day per animal.
 Presentation :2 kg
  • Derinee Nutramin:
The chelated form of all essential minerals & vitamins provides an optimum solution to regulate estrous in cattle. The use is strictly recommended after massaging of ovaries.
 Dose : Powder form -10gm in Morning & 10 gm in Evening
 Presentation: 200gm bottle
  • MilkozPANAVA
  • Newly Parturited cattle specially buffalos shows his problem,especially after death of calf or due to psychological disturbance.
 Dose : 2 table spoon (20 gram) before feeding & allow to drink more water, afterwards start milking.
 Presentation: 200gm bottle
  • MilkozDHARA
  • Newly Parturited animals requires more energy hence this liquid calcium & phosphorous product is specially designed to enhance milk production.
 Dose : Recommonded dose 50ml / animal / day at evening
 Presentation: 200gm bottle
  • AllFIT
  • Effective on any type of mastitis, non specific fever,dairrohea or debility.
  • Increases phagocytic activity & increases immunity.
 Dose : 50ml in morning and 50 ml evening for 5 to 10 days
 Presentation: 200gm bottle
  • MilkozFAT
  • A Biotech product entirely benificial for milk producers, enhances fat & SNF of Milk.
 Dose :1 table spoon (10 gram) in evening through feed to cattle.
 Presentation: 200gm bottle